1. What is about onlygud.com?

You can find reviews for electronics, appliances, furniture, gifts, innovative products including mobiles, tablets, laptops, earphones, sofas, dining set, tvs, refrigerators, air conditioners and many more

2. Do we have option to buy on onlygud.com?

No. We are only providing reviews for best products which are currently available. We provide links for amazon, flipkart and other online stores. You can buy from there.

3. Can we request review for product which is not present in onlygud.com

Yes. You can request review for any product you want, we will post a review in few days.

4. Is there any mobile app is available for onlygud.com?

No. We don't have mobile app currently but you can open onlygud.com on mobile, our website is mobile friendly

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