Samsung Galaxy A7 (Gold, 64 GB)(4 GB RAM)

INR 22990
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  • Samsung
  • Awesome look
    Glass body
    Trusted brand
    Affordable price
    Good performance
    Dedicated SD Card slot
    Good battery life
  • No Fast Charging
    No NFC
    No Wireless charging
    Cheap quality earphones
Best midrange smartphone from Samsung at 24000 rupees

Pros Of Samsung Galaxy A7 (G
1) Look is good
2) Glass body, front and back
3) Battery life is good, lasts for full working day
4) Camera is good
5) Build quality is good
6) Display is very
7) Adaptive display, always on display features are there

Cons Of Samsung Galaxy A7 (G
1) Little heavy compared to other smartphones at this price, weights 168 grams
2) Face unlock is slow, takes around 2 seconds to unlock
3) Finger scanner is not working well, it is slow and not accurate some times
4) No NFC support
5) No fast charging, wireless charging
6) Earphones in the box are very cheap quality earphones
7) Structs some times while using